Definitions: (1) imparting knowledge through language, facts, lore, data, music, or entertainment; instructive; (2)answering questions or queries in a manner the questioner requires to receive and understand the information; amenable

Familial Quality: service minded

• Do what you love at all costs and maintain your faith in God. Nothing we have is of our own strength so as long as we remember where we came from, it will inform us where we are going. — Ser’Darius William Blain (1987-) Haitian-American actor
• Everything that exists is information, and everything that is informative also exists. The infosphere is not a virtual space that is distinct from the real world. Rather, the world itself is increasingly being considered an information space and part of the infosphere. — Hubert Burda (1940-) German publisher

Symbol: The raven (Scandinavia) [Odin, the supreme Scandinavian deity, had two ravens who told him of everything happening in the world.]