Definition: guided in thought and action primarily by one’s own scale of values as opposed to external norms

Parental Quality: faith

Comment: When focusing on the inner realm, you will discover subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. You will know the superconscious by its feel. This is the area from which your higher impulses and a sense of right action emanate. This is what to heed.
     Listen to external norms and judge them by your highest understanding of objective reality; then decide how or if to accept them.

Observation: Labels, like introvert, sensitive, quiet, shy or withdrawn, attempt to describe how others experience you. They do not relate to who you are. They can limit you because the tendency is to live to the limits of the label and only go that far. In addition, there is the stigma that can accompany any label. — Sarah Dolliver; Founder of InnerVantage