Divine Definitions: (1) Indicative of the closest relationship possible; intrinsic.; (2) Directly connected; in touch; ever-near; (3) The inmost character of; self-experiential; (4) The essential part of; quintessential; (5) Worthy of entrusting with the closest confidence; communicative; (6) Able to see the point of view of another; linked; (7) Willing to share and inform; interested

Comment: God is with us in many ways. He is omnipresent, present from the outside passing through all of finite time/space. He is also ubiquitous, present from the inside throughout finite reality. Our mind is a piece of the Universal Mind, the Holy Spirit. He is the source and destiny of our personality. He knows and loves us as one person does another. And He also indwells us as our cosmic identity. Each one of us is precious to Him.

Human Definitions: (1) closeness with warm friendship developed through long association; very familiar; linked (2) indicative of one’s deepest nature; intrinsic; essential; self-experiential; (3) worthy of entrusting with the closest confidence; communicative; sharing

Quote: People didn’t understand that true intimacy did not consist of sexual intercourse, which could be done with strangers and in a state of total alienation; intimacy consisted of talking for hours about what was most important in one’s life. — Kim Stanley Robinson (1952-) Red Mars

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