Definition: (1) characterizes one who immediately knows or learns with little or no conscious use of reasoning; possessing instantaneous apprehension, the sixth sense, inner sight or insight; instinctual; (2) quick perception

Balancing Qualities: Faith, Freedom, Self-confidence 

• You can count how many seeds are in the apple, but not how many apples are in the seed. — Ken Kesey (1935-2001) American author
• To the rationally minded the mental processes of the intuitive appears to work backwards. — Frances G. Wickes (1875-1967) Jungian psychologist
• Through the intuition we tap into the stream of our total self and have access to other dimensions and knowledge that can not really be described in words because it is outside of space and time as we are accustomed to experiencing it. — Gabrielle Silva; Blue Treasure, A Real Adventure {1996}

Reflection: Intuition is a mind gift (or if Ms. Silva is correct and “it is outside of space and time” then it is one of the personality values we are born with). It is in-between knowledge and experience. With intuition you can know something you haven’t actually experienced. Some things you can only get through experience, but intuition can help you get it. And some things you only need to get through intuition. Intuition makes learning more efficient.

• Intuition is a short cut to solution. There are the plodding, analytical steps of getting from A to Z, but intuition travels faster than the speed of logical thought.
• Intuition can be a flash of genius or a gentle nudge. While pondering a problem, your intuition says, “This is the way,” but it also says, “That’s not exactly it.” Heed also intuition that pushes you away from some course of action.
• Intuition is more conducive to success in a calm, relaxing environment, free from distraction. This peaceful situation can be external, but it must be internal. In a busy environment filled with distractions, if you have a quiet inner space, the intuitive answers can still flow.

How to Live This Quality Today: Follow your hunches faithfully. If you do, you will develop a clarity leading to your “right way.” Any other course of action may be a better one for the majority, but if you are acting on your inner guidance, you will feel more in control, more confident, and more comfortable. When you are wrong, you know it was still your choice. Plus you are learning what is a productive hunch and what is not.

Colors: indigo, yellow

Symbols: 1) water; 2) window(s); 3) calla lilies; 4) the planet Mercury; 5) the sound of the flute