Divine Definitions: (1) The Being who is the light and makes it possible to see; showing the way; (2) Extremely beautiful; ravishing; (3) Broadcasting love; radiant; (4) Emitting health; glowing; (5) Diffusion of mental knowledge; enlightening; (6) Emanating spiritual knowledge; elucidating; (7) Free from burden; infused with joy

Quote: Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, and it was good. — The Bible, Genesis 1:3,4

Comment: God is pure light. There is no darkness in his light, especially not in The Source and Creator of light. All of God’s choices are good. Of course, there is no evil in God. Even though He gave us free will, He did not create evil. Evil is the result of immature and unwise choosing, a shadow across the loving light of God.

Human Definitions: (1) mental illumination; enlightenment; knowledge; (2) free from care; cheerful; happy; (3) extremely beautiful; ravishing; animate; bright; (4) nimble, buoyant, lively; (5) having a shining nature, character, or personality; (6) willing to show the way; (7) emitting health; glowing; (8) diffusion of mental knowledge; elucidating; (9) emanating spiritual knowledge; enlightening

Synonyms: delicate, easy, gentle, radiant, shimmery, unencumbered

• Let your light shine trough.
• A candle’s light is best seen in the dark.

• Some people change when they see the light, others when they feel the heat. — Caroline Schoeder, American aphorist
• We are all facets of the diamond which is God … Each of us reflecting light in our own way. — Linda Ohlson Graham (1947-) American poet
• Only those who live up to the highest light they have find their lives in harmony. Those who act on their highest motivations become a power for good. — Peace Pilgrim [born Mildred Lisette Norman] (1908-1981) Steps Toward Inner Peace {2021}

Symbols: 1) dew; 2) gold; 3) the lamp; 4) the diamond

Mythological Figure: Balder, the beautiful and wise Scandinavian deity of light and peace

Human Definitions: (1) free from care, burdens, or anxiety; infused with joy; (2) cheerfully optimistic and hopeful; easygoing

Quote: Who says a lighthearted approach to business is incompatible with success? — Herbert David Kelleher (1931–2019) American airline businessman

Comment: Even if things are difficult on the material level, with a focus on the positive, your personal spiritual connection can be lighthearted. It may not change your mood, but you can be heartened in your faith.