Definitions: (1) The personification of all true, beautiful, and good qualities; God; (2) The greatest of all excellent qualities; the source of all positive qualities; (3) Charitable; (4) Endowed with admirably balanced qualities; (5) Ability to give and draw intense interest or affection; (6) God’s benevolent concern for His creation; (7) The ability to elicit great pleasure

God is Love. Love is God’s way. Love is the desire to do good for others. Love is genuine and unselfish. Love is best when shared. Love is the greatest thing in the universe and it can be attached to any person. Love is dynamic. Love is alive. Love is best understood in relationships.

From our point of view, there are many qualities. To God there is only one: Absolute Love. If we parse absolute love, we will discover all of the positive qualities we recognize, and project the probability of many more. Yet in Him they fit together perfectly. He self-limits and balances every quality with every other quality. He is the ideal harmony of love.

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