Definitions: (1) unswerving in allegiance; constant and faithful in any relationship or obligation implying trust, confidence, or care; (2) the willing bond of the self to a cause, leader, or friend

Parental Qualities: duty, faith
One cannot help but be loyal to what is held in faith.

Familial Quality: growth

• Live loyally today – grow – and tomorrow will attend to itself. — The Urantia Book (100:1.4)
• The back of the arrow follows the front as if from love and loyalty. — Mark Helprin (1947 -) Refiner’s Fire

• The ideal of loyalty is eventually spoiled if what you are loyal to is focused on selfishness.
• Love may not be the primary motive of a relationship. It may be duty or tradition or obedience, but if the people involved persist with loyal action, they will end up loving.

Symbol: 1) the dog; 2) nasturtiums