Definitions: (1) serious contemplation or mental reflection; musing; (2) thinking about doing; planning; (3) holding a superior attitude in mind; devotion

Synonyms: cogitate, consider, ponder, ruminate, study

Compatible Qualities: calm, comfortable, confident, peaceful, reflective, restful

Tip: Relaxation is an integral part of meditation. The meditative state establishes a link between the mind and the spirit. Relaxation leaves you open to receive.

To develop a particular quality you want, meditate on that quality. Sit quietly, breath deeply, be calm. Chant “Om” if you wish. Then visualize, at the top of your head – the crown chakra, the divine essence of that quality. Invoke it to fill your aura with itself. Next move it into your mind, contemplating the aspects of the quality having to do with your thinking process. Open yourself to it. Ask the quality to fill you totally with itself. Give it permission to be what it needs to be in your life.
     Move it down into the throat chakra, again asking and giving permission for your communication skills to be indicative of that quality. Linger on each area. As you move to the heart chakra, feel the joy of the quality; feel the substance of it enriching your life. Continue this process through all of the chakras (Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat/Ears, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.) throughout your body, down to the bottoms of your feet. Immerse yourself in the quality, accepting it as now part of you. Allow it to infuse you. Return the energy up through your body to its source, and then all the way back down again. Wash this spiritual energy like waves throughout your physical, mental, and spiritual systems several times. Then let it settle comfortably.
     Visualize the quality sinking into the earth and stabilizing there; taking root as you take the next steps in your new life. Now that you have planted it you can nurture it as you continue to experience life.
     At the end of the meditation, thank the divine quality. And thank yourself for being open, for allowing yourself to become this quality.
     This is a good meditation to do in the beginning of the week when you pick a quality or two. If you pick two qualities, first do this meditation on one quality at a time. Then combine the two qualities in a separate meditation later in the week.
     Do this exercise in a group if you can; and if you do, include a prayer for the others to be successful.
          See also: the meditation under Forgiving.

Mirror Meditation
The idea here is to visualize or imagine yourself looking into a mirror in your mind. This could also be done looking into an actual mirror. Dwelling on each state (listed below) for a period of time. What do these ‘persons’ look like, act like, feel like? Remember your most positive experiences.
1. Look at yourself as you usually see yourself.
2. Concentrate on the image of your objective self.
3. See yourself as a friend would see you.
4. Project an image of your ideal self: an improved self, your future self, even a perfected self.

Walking meditation (Kinhin)
A practice within several forms of Buddhism that involve periods of walking between periods of sitting meditation.
     Hiking and meditating in nature connects you to Divine Beauty.

Advice: In meditation be sure your focus is concentrating on the superconscious rather than the subconscious mind. Do this with a worshipful and prayerful attitude of appreciation.

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