Definitions: (1) special or important experiences worthy of remembering; (2) worthy of being kept in mind; illustrious; (3) celebrated; distinguished; famous; notable; striking

Synonyms: conspicuous, extraordinary, great, prominent, remarkable, unforgettable

Familial Qualities:
• Resonant: The ability to evoke or suggest enduring images, memories, or emotions.
• Eidetic: aka: photographic memory – the ability the see with vivid detail, as if actually visible.

It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others. — John Andrew Holmes (1959-2010) British rower
• Teardrops are telescopes for happy times and microscopes on the memory of joys that are lost. — Michael Hanna (1950-) 100 Thought Adjusters {2007}

Experience: Déjà vu, “already seen” is explained in numerous ways. Some call it an illusion of memory. Others associate it with drug use or various mental illnesses. Or it could be a forgotten previous experience (or feeling) being relived. No matter the source of the feeling, the fact of the experience is of value.

Symbol: verbena flowers