Definitions: (1) full of fun and laughter; lively and mirthful; joyous; (2) marked by cheerfulness or festivity

Synonyms: blithe, jocund, jolly, jovial, sportive, sprightly, vivacious, merry-andrew
     Note: The term “merry-andrew” <one whose business it is to make fun of others> is said to have originated with one Andrew Borde (c. 1490-1549), a physician in the time of Henry VIII (1491-1547), who attracted attention and gained patients by making facetious speeches.

Saying: Gaudeamus igitur (Latin): “Let us then be merry.”

Proverb: A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. — King Solomon (reign~970–931 BC) The Bible, Proverbs 15:13

Symbols: 1) poinsettias; 2) lupine flowers

Legendary Figure: King Cole, a legendary British King, was noted for his joviality (“Ol’ King Cole was a merry old soul”) {1708}

Mythological Figure: Momus, the Greek god of laughter