Definitions: (1) possessing the ability to change; (2) exhibiting a striking alteration in character, appearance, or condition

Derivation: Greek, “transformation”

Quote: The hardest thing for a man to do is to change long-standing prejudices of belief, but to succeed in doing it is a test of one’s humanity. — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American polymath [eight disciplines]

Comment: We currently live in our body and express most of our identity in our temporal ego. We function in our mind and act from our personality. If one identifies with positive qualities, a transition begins to take place – a shift from the material to the spiritual. The mind and personality move to the soul, which becomes the seat of one’s cosmic identity. This is effected with a persistent choosing of what we know to be right. It takes a steadfast heart and above all true sincerity.

Symbols: 1) the frog; 2) the butterfly