Definition: (1)regarding with care; observant; watchful;(2) bearing in mind; heedful; attentive; aware
     See also: Broad-minded, High-minded, Like-minded, Open-minded, Service-minded

• The mind is the connecting link between the formed and the unformed world. — Catherine Ponder (1927-) The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
• The qualitative mindfulness we; collectively, as a race of people; are able to experience could, in fact, propel us into an age of Light and Beauty. — Linda Ohlson Graham (1947-) American Poet

• Conscious perusal of reality is more direct and profitable than unconscious realizations.
• All values are derivatives of love.

Comment: One of the mind’s purposes is to be a vector, to point a direction by first, posing questions and then, by comparing what we say we want to do to what we actually do.