Definitions: (1) complying with authority; yielding willingly to commands, orders, or injunctions; performing what is required or abstaining from that which is forbidden; (2) submissive to a higher authority; (3) guided by truth or conscious

Synonyms: amenable, docile, dutiful, tractable

Parental Qualities: faith, patience

Quote: Yet the concept of civil disobedience, as practiced by such nonviolent practitioners as Martin Luther King, carries with it a further stipulation: that those who for moral reasons disobey the law must do so consciously and with full willingness to suffer whatever penalties their disobedience brings. — Rushworth Moulton Kidder (1944-2012) How Good People Make Tough Choices {2003}

Comment: Active participation in obedience includes your positive choice in the action. Begrudging obedience is less than ideal.

Fictional Figure: Griselda [story by Giovanni Boccaccio c. 1350] is subjected to cruel trials to test her patience and obedience, is ever meek and long-suffering and never complains. — Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) The Canterbury Tales {1476}