Definitions: (1) receptive; not closed to new ideas; a clean slate <an absence of preconceived ideas or goals> undisguised; (2) generous; liberal; unstinted; (3) frank; candid; direct; honest; unprejudiced; (4) ready to do, hear, see, or accept; fully prepared; attentive; (5) allowing approach, view, passage, or access; available; unquestionable; (6) not secret or hidden; forthcoming; unreserved; (7) expanded; unfolded

Compatible Quality: discerning

Too Far: gullible

Quote: Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm, and genuine people. — Tena Desae (1987-) Indian actress & model

Reflection: There are those who say you are already all you need to be or will ever be; that all you need to do is allow it; just be open and don’t get in your own way. It may be, especially in hindsight, that the best way was open to you all along.

Comment: People are fond of saying, “I went into this philosophy or idea with a healthy skepticism – I even wanted to prove it wrong – but, in the end, I was convinced it was correct.” An honest skepticism prevents you from being naive, but a healthy openness helps you grow.
     Sincere openness may have you taken in by a plausible idea. Until you learn, you may even be too trusting. You may look the fool because you were willing to be open, but you also are respected for your honor and your willingness to gain from experience; unlike the hardened skeptic who, because of fear, kept closed.

Advice: Give other people’s belief systems a healthy respect. Be open to their sense of reality and order. Their experience and sincerity are putting together a personal subjective puzzle. Realize you and they are evolving and expanding. Tomorrow you may stand with them on more compatible ground because of the compassion you showed toward them today.