Definitions: (1) taking the most hopeful view of matters; expecting the best outcome in any circumstance; looking on the bright side of things; (2) believing that good will ultimately triumph over evil and that virtue will be rewarded

Balancing Qualities: Practical, Realistic

Optimist: “Daydreamer” more elegantly spelled. — Mark Twain [born Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910) Mark Twain’s Notebook {1935}

• Some problems are best solved with an optimistic approach. Optimism shines a light on alternatives that are otherwise not visible. — Brian Herbert (1947-) & Kevin J. Anderson (1962-) Sandworms of Dune {2007}


Politicians are caught in a trap of projecting an overly hopeful point of view. Because the public demands they solve existing problems they are compelled to make optimistic promises.
    Even an honest politician is hampered by trying to meet the requirements of optimism. If the politician does, in all sincerity, believe he or she can accomplish what is promised, then they might be naive. Social problems are so large, diverse, and involved they will take more than a few years to solve. Nonetheless, cooperative action will move us toward realistic solutions.