Definition: (1) characteristic of pleasant rural life; peaceful, simple, and natural; innocent; (2) relating to spiritual care or guidance especially of a congregation

Proverb: A butterfly never hurries – even when pursued. — Chinese

Quote: I believe in God – not in a Catholic God; there is no Catholic God. There is God, and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my Being. — Pope Francis [born Jorge Mario Bergoglio (1936-) The 266th Roman Catholic Pontiff

Symbols: 1) the farmer; 2) the shepherd

Fictional Figure: Beulah, the idyllic land of sunshine and delight. — John Bunyan (1628-1688) Pilgrim’s Progress {1678}

Mythological Figures: 1) Cybele, the Phrygian goddess of nature; 2) Demeter, the Greek god of agriculture and fruitfulness; 3) Ceres, the Roman god of agriculture and fruits of the harvest