Divine Definitions: (1) Ministering to the growth of progressing beings; accommodating the needs of growing children; (2) Steady perseverance in performing all tasks; diligent; (3) Steadfast and consistent action; abiding; (4) Self-controlled; long-suffering; even-tempered; (5) Incapable of being provoked or angered; refraining from retaliation for wrongs committed; forbearing; tolerant; (6) The reliever of anguish

Comment: The Supreme Being possesses infinite patience. His patience in helping His finite family work out their perfection in time is boundless. He will continue to exhibit ultimate patience until time-space is transcended. After which He still has the patience to offer an infinite number of unimaginable wonders within the absolute.

Human Definitions: (1) the will or ability to wait calmly; (2) to endure pain or trouble without complaint, losing control, or making a disturbance; (3) quietly tolerating delay, confusion, or inefficiency; (4) refusing to be provoked or angered by insult; forbearing; (5) ministering to the growth of the uneducated or inexperienced; accommodating the needs of growing children; (6) steadiness, endurance, or perseverance in performing a task; diligent; (7) steadfast and consistent action; abiding; (8) able to relieve grief or anguish
Note: Patience refers to the quietness or self-possession of one’s own spirit; resignation refers to the submission of one’s own will to the will of another.
Note 2: Having the focus to pay attention to something, and being persistent enough to continue to pay attention to it, will develop patience while you are getting it done.

• Patience ceases to be a virtue when it permits others to waste our time. — Pauline M. Schmidt

• Patience is easier if you have respect for the person or thing with which you are trying to be patient. — Judy Kain (1948-) American Empath

Comment: There is a time tension the patient person sets up, creating an appropriate and favorable outcome. That is, a realization that all will truly be well; brightening the present with hope, beginning the journey into the future. If you cannot see or sense that lighter day, look farther into the future or into a different one.

Admonition: Use the memory of your experiences as fuel to illuminate the present and the future. Hold with a sensitive, confident faith that the meanings and values of the past will remain in your life. Project your mind and heart into some possible futures and your choices will be clearer.