Definitions: (1) showing keenness of insight, sympathetic understanding or intuition; discerning; (2) a quick capacity for comprehending; observant

Too Far: nosy

• To be is either to be perceived or to perceive. — Bishop George Berkeley (1685-1753) Anglo-Irish philosopher
• If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is: infinite. — William Blake (1757-1827) English poet
• Eskimos see sixteen different forms of ice which are as different to them as trees and shrubs are different to us. Hindus, on the other hand, use the same term for both ice and snow. Creek and Natchez Indians do not distinguish yellow from green. Similarly, Choctaw, Tunica, the Keresian Pueblo Indians and many other people make no terminological distinction between blue and green. The Hopis have no word for time. — Robert Pirsig (1928-2017) Lila {1991}

Observation: In our attempt to simplify complex activities or processes, we tend to isolate individual aspects of the system. This is like turning off a movie projector and studying the film one frame at a time. One will get a detailed look at the individual frames, but will never be able to perceive the dynamic spirit or emotional content of the process. Perceiving the micro and the macro separately and then putting them together gives one a larger perspective.