Definitions: (1) progressive refinement; (2) capable of improvement

Quote: Possibilities … — Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) Last word in The Red Book {2009}

Proverb: The gem cannot be polished without friction; nor the man perfected without trials. — Korean

• It is possible to get locked into a small idea of what perfect is. We need to be willing to leap beyond our known understanding into the greater realm beyond – where chance, possibilities, mistakes, growth, and greater freedom abound.
• We can damn our failures, but know that damning them does not really do any good. As a matter of fact, it does more harm. The incident has passed. The best thing to do, as quickly as possible, is to regret you did it and focus on improvement; learn the lesson. Since we are living inside time, there is the possibility of repeating or not repeating the past.
• Take into consideration your ability, the social situation, and the circumstance to determine how “perfect” you can be. The perfect act takes all variables into account, and melds them together with mindful wisdom. Keep your eye on the ideal. Maintain your honorable intention. Relative perfection is subjective. As you learn and grow, you refine the subjectivity and it gets better.