Definition: distinguished above others; eminent; widely and favorably known; important

• These are matters of external history. They are indeed prominent objects, often changing and giving a new direction to the current; but they tell us not why it flows onward and will ever flow. — Jones Very (1813–1880) American poet, essayist, & clergyman
• The conception that contemporary society is at or near a turning point is very prominent in the views of a school of social scientists who, though they are still comparatively few, are getting more and more of a hearing.  — Talcott Parsons (1902–1979) American sociologist
     Note: The fact that Mr. Parsons expressed this sentiment before 1979 is telling of the predictive power at any point in history.

Comment: The more you lean on God’s gifts, the more they will become prominent in our thoughts and actions. Will that make you a prominent voice in your time on the planet? That is up to how much you practice, but especially by the capacity of the general populace to listen.