Definitions: (1) success in an enterprise or activity; achievement <usually with economic well-being>; (2) strong and flourishing; thriving; (3) enjoying vigorous and healthy physical, monetary, mental, and/or spiritual growth
     See also: Successful

Synonyms: auspicious, favorable

Balancing Qualities: Giving, Humble, Sincere

Compatible Qualities: determination, faith, focus, persistence

Familial Qualities: fertile, productive, profitable, rich

Parental Qualities: creative, talented

Consequential Qualities: courageous, free, relaxed

• The God of heaven, He will prosper us. — The Bible, Nehemiah 2:20
• Turn the great energy of your thinking upon “plenty” ideas and you will have plenty regardless of what men about you are saying or doing. — Charles Fillmore (1854-1948) American mystic
• Train your mind never to be disappointed. If certain things do not come at certain expected times in the way you wished, do not consider it a failure. Since you have not received that thing, you can instead stand firm in the faith that something much better is on the way and will appear at the right time. — Catherine Ponder (1927-) The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity {1962}

• I have whatever I need to fulfill my needs.
• I can use whatever comes my way in a positive way.

• All wealth is created by mind.
• The more willing one is to prosper others; the more willing others are to reciprocate. Your prosperity is based on the prosperity of others. Balance prosperity with the quality of sharing.

• You cannot expect to receive if your motivation is based on fear, desperation, or stress. Only in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind can you focus your thoughts and feelings with a purity and clarity that will return clean results.
• Prosperity is naturally associated with desire. Connect your desires with a higher purpose. Fit your need or want into a grand scheme. Sincerity glues your desire to that higher reality. As you “hunger and thirst for righteousness,” realize you may need to look past immediate gratification to the greater good.

• Be goal specific.
• Take obvious action steps.
• Foster a state of calmness and openness.
• Use prayer – focused, purposeful, and sincere.
• Open a place in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self to be filled with your desire.

• Write down your desires.
• Picture your desires as completed results.
• Declare: No one or no thing can withhold good from me.

Symbols: 1) maize (Chinese); 2) chrysanthemums; 3) rhinoceros’ horn (Chinese)

Mythological Figure: Kuvera [Kubera], The Hindu god of wealth