Divine Definitions: (1) Divine solicitude and direction; (2) The guiding force; fostering; (3) Having and showing foresight; understanding; (4) The preparer of nurturance; (5) The provider of fundamental needs <a planet to stand on, a body to inhabit, a spirit to guide us, a mind to understand with, choices to learn from, and a personality to unite it all>; (6) Conscientious and prudent management; (7) Considerate regard of the individual within the total circumstances; (8) The one who gets things moving; expediter; (9) The devoted guardian; the diligent caretaker; the assiduous defender; (10) The protector, preserver, and promoter of value; (11) Willing to walk hand in hand; participative; (12) The bridge maker

Comment: Intervention is a character sometimes attributed to Divine Providence. From our point of view, it may seem like the hand of God is changing the natural course of events but when seen from a larger perspective it is the efficient motion of the Total Plan unfolding as it should. God will not interfere with our free will, yet we are held in His tender watch-care.

Human Definitions: (1) anticipating wants or needs and making provision to supply them; having and showing foresight; understanding; (2) economical; frugal; thrifty; prudent; (3) conscientious management; nurturing; participative; (4) protector, preserver, and promoter; (5) a manifestation of divine care and direction

Derivation: Latin, “to foresee”

I believe in the birds, and their implicit trust in the loving Providence that feeds them. … And whatever else I believe is enshrined in those abiding feelings that lie too deep for words. — Waldemar Argow, Jr. (1916–1996) American minister
• Nature, being a wise and provident lady, governs her parts very wisely, methodically, and orderly. Also, she is very industrious and hates to be idle, which makes her employ her time as a good housewife doth. — Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673) English philosopher poet

Symbol: Jupiter’s three thunderbolts {Chance, Destiny, and Providence}