Definitions: (1) anticipating wants or needs and making provision to supply them; having and showing foresight; understanding; (2) economical; frugal; thrifty; prudent; (3) conscientious management; nurturing; participative; (4) protector, preserver, and promoter; (5) a manifestation of divine care and direction

Derivation: Latin, “to foresee”

Synonyms: expediting, fostering, guiding, tutelary <serving as a protector, guardian, or patron>

I believe in the birds, and their implicit trust in the loving Providence that feeds them. … And whatever else I believe is enshrined in those abiding feelings that lie too deep for words. — Waldemar Argow, Jr. (1916–1996) American minister
Nature, being a wise and provident lady, governs her parts very wisely, methodically, and orderly: Also, she is very industrious and hates to be idle, which makes her employ her time as a good housewife doth. — Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673) English philosopher poet

Symbol: Jupiter’s three thunderbolts {Chance, Destiny, and Providence}