Definition: tending to awaken or incite appetite or passion <his speech provoked my curiosity>; stimulating a specific response <her stories provoke laughter>
     Note: This is a quality with some negative connotations, but we are using it here in its best possible sense. Watch for the sensitivities of others when provoking interest. Keep your motives pure, your intent honorable, and your words tactful.

Synonyms: arouse, induce, move, stir up, thought-provoking

Balancing Qualities: Appropriate, Discretion

• It’s challenging to take on something else that is not you and make it very real and have others be able to associate with it. It’s wonderful to provoke thought. — Dashiell (Dash) Raymond Mihok 1974-) American actor & director
• Imagery is powerful. Imagery is provocative – satellite imagery much more so because it is from space, and it allows us to get this perspective that we don’t have to have otherwise. — Sarah Helen Parcak (1973-) American archeologist