Definitions: (1) wise or judicious in practical affairs; (2) discreet or circumspect; cautious but sensible; (3) careful in providing for the future; provident

Derivation: Latin, “to separate” or “set apart,” “to distinguish”

Synonyms: considerate, economical, frugal, sagacious, thoughtful

Too Far: Looking into the future with fearful caution may lead to cowardice and failure.

Comment: Prudence has been called the “queen of values.”

Symbols: 1) a dolphin entwined around an anchor [arrested speed]; 2) jade: When asked, “Why was jade valued by the sages?” Confucius replied, “It is because the ancient sages were comparing Jade with the virtues. Jade represents kindness because it is soft and smooth to the touch. It represents prudence because its structure is fine and compact and thus solid. It represents justice because it has edges but does not injure. It represents good faith because its beautiful interior qualities can be seen from the outside. It is the image of sincerity as its luster is not veiled by its defects nor its defects by its luster.”