Definitions: (1) lying outside the sphere of the physical sciences; moral or spiritual in origin or force; insight; (2) sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences; marked by extraordinary perception, understanding, or insight; (3) pertaining to the soul; (4) originating out of the mind

Derivation: Greek, “the soul”

People Who Exemplify This Quality: The aborigines of Australia are said to have psychic powers. They say it is possible only when a person is totally honest.

Comment: There are degrees to everything. You may not have a clear vision of the future, or people and events in other places and times, but you can see trends. You do have hunches. You can trust and develop this intuition. You can look before you leap and learn from both. An animal learns only from their experience or watching others.

Exercise: A practical way to develop your telepathic abilities is by thinking of a situation, person, or condition about which you have some question. Write down the name or question. Sit quietly every day for a while and listen for ideas to come into your mind. — Catherine Ponder (1927 -) The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (paraphrase)