Definitions: (1) In existence; (2) Existential; (3) The objective fact; (4) Indisputably actual

Comment: Are there any confirming means of identifying the evidence of God’s reality? All such proofs are from personal experience. The first is the experience of the intellectual capacity for knowing God. The discovery, and self-verification of this intellectual idea, can be further substantiated by the personal and spiritual experience of loving and being loved in return. The observation that love, truth, beauty, goodness, and all other qualities of value are knowable in personal experience confirms one’s confidence in reality beyond the physical. This insight is indicative of spiritual facts.

Once the possibility of knowing God is verified, the second stage of proof becomes evident. This is the personal urge to find God. To the exact extent a person seeks God, the Father pours in as much revelation of Himself as can be received. And thus, capacity is enlarged for even more grace.

By this point, initial skeptical curiosity has been transformed through intellectual discovery and personal verification into reasonable faith. One is then tempted to experiment with the third stage of confirmation – the desire to be like God. Finding this possible is truly convincing.

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