Definitions: (1) able or quick to receive knowledge, ideas, or persons; (2) willing or inclined to receive suggestions or offers; (3) capable of accepting fortune (good or ill) in stride; (4) disposed to accept praise with humility

Sometimes up … Other times down
Big smiles … Waterfalls
Make the best of it … As no one knows
It’s up to you how it goes
— Larissa Qat (~1990’s-) Italian art & cultural management professional

• Some things that are invisible and untouchable can nevertheless be seen and felt. — Michael Chabon (1963-) Summerland {2002}
• Children are extremely perceptive and absorb what goes on around them long before they can talk or even comprehend language. They are like finely tuned receivers that pick up much more than is merely said. They are receptive and attuned to every mood, feeling, and change that goes on in people around them. — Theodore Isaac Rubin (1923–2019) American psychiatrist

Symbol: the cauldron