Definitions: (1) manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity <usually within an established organized religion>; pious; devout; godly, moral; (2) the personal experience of God within; (3) scrupulously faithful; careful; conscientiously exact

• A mature religion has a universal, inclusive point of view. A mature religion encourages individual freedom, creative expression, and stimulates growth. — Meredith J. Sprunger (1915-2012) Spiritual Psychology {2009}
• Faith in the survival of supreme values is the core of religion; genuine religious experience consists in the union of supreme values and comic meanings as a realization of universal reality. (111:3.5) — The Urantia Book {1955}

Comment: A personal philosophy of religion is derived from both the inner and the environmental experience of the individual. They include the social status, economic conditions, educational opportunities, moral trends, institutional influences, political developments, racial tendencies, religious teachings, inherent temperament, intellectual bent, family dynamics, and, most of all, consistent personal choices.