Definitions: (1) in accordance with justice, law, or morality; upright; virtuous; righteous; (2) in agreement with fact, reason, or a set standard; conforming to truth; (3) correct in thought, statement, or action; (4) fitting or appropriate; suitable; most convenient or favorable; preferable; (5) normal <said of the mind>; sane <said of a person>; (6) having sound health or good spirits; (7) in satisfactory condition; in good order; (8) real; genuine

Derivation: Sanskrit, “that which is properly joined,” “fixed or settled order”

Note: In Brahmanism rta is the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it – the maintenance of cosmic order.

Quotes: Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. — Mark Twain (1835-1910) [born Samuel Langhorne Clemens] Address to the Young People’s Society

This elaborate cartoon on plate tectonics was assembled, and it was beautiful, except for one detail: the earth was rotating the wrong way. When I pointed that out, nobody … could really see it being that important. What was the big deal? I came to realize that “right” means something different to an artist than to a physicist. To a physicist a fact is either right or wrong. To an artist “right” is more of an aesthetic question. — Science Advisor to a TV program, 1980


The Bill of Rights of the United States of America

I.                Right to establishment, and the free exercise of, religion

Right to freedom of Speech

Right to freedom of the press

Right of peaceable assembly

Right to petition for redress of grievances

II.              Right to the security of a free state

III.             Right to say who is to stay in your house

IV.             Right to be secure from search and seizure

V.               Right not to be held for a crime unless indicted

Right not to be tried for the same offense twice

Right not to be a witness against yourself

Right to due process of law

Right to just compensation for private property

VI.             Right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury

Right to be informed of accusations

Right to confront witnesses for and against

Right to have assistance of counsel for defense

VII.           Right to trial by jury shall be preserved

VIII.          Right to be free from excessive bail, fines, or cruel and unusual punishment

IX.             Constitutional rights do not “deny or disparage” other rights.

X.              Powers not delegated to or prohibited by the Federal government are reserved to the States or to the people.

Comment: I once worked with a man who said the easy way was the right way. I would say the best way is the right way. In either case, a person chooses from the options they understand – and will live with the consequences.