Definitions: (1) cheerful and optimistic; bright and promising; (2) tinged with a rosy color

Adage: What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. — William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Romeo and Juliet {1595}

All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
Layin’ in the sun,
Talkin’ ’bout the things
They woulda coulda shoulda done…
But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
All ran away and hid
From one little Did.
— Sheldon Allan Silverstein (1930–1999) American writer, poet, cartoonist

Quote: When she smiles the skies are blue. The world takes on a roseate hue; birds in the garden trill and sing, and Joy is king of everything, when she smiles. — Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881–1975) English writer & humorist

Symbols: 1) the rose; 2) rose-colored glasses