Divine Definitions: (1) Impossible to move or to be thrown off balance; fixed; (2) Immutable in character; steadfast; (3) Changeless; (4) Unvarying in purpose; dauntless; (5) Unified in administration; permanent; (6) Full of composure; self-possessed; (7) Holding steady the equilibrium of the universe; firm; solid; (8) Trustworthy; stalwart; (9) Self-sufficient

Comment: Things are constantly changing for finite beings. The one sure thing we can count on is the consistency inherent in, and caused by, the stability of God.

Human Definitions: (1) not easily moved or thrown off balance; not likely to break down, fall apart, or give way; steady; fixed; (2) firm in character, purpose, or resolution; steadfast; stalwart; (3) enduring or possibly permanent; long lasting; firm; solid; (4) capable of returning to equilibrium or original position after having been displaced; flexible; (5) full of composure; self-possessed; self-sufficient

Balancing Qualities: Adventuresome, Changeable, Lively

Too Far: stagnant

Quote: Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. — Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) American author

Reflection: We hold on to our old selves while allowing our new selves to grow around the old. We are like coral, where the old is the structure upon which the new growth of life is active. The old self is a record of what we have chosen. The only you that is alive and vibrant is the new you. The past is the structure upon which we rely for stability. We know ourselves by who we have been, and yet we are not our past structure any more than we are our body.

Symbols: 1) the cube; 2) the number four