Definition: possessing undeviating rectitude; upright; honest; open; frank; candid

Idiom: Call a fig a fig and a trough a trough — Plutarch (6–119) Greek philosopher
     Note: The origin of “Call a spade a spade.”

• You can run faster if you don’t run into walls. — Gerard “Jerry” Vincent Hubert Downs (1949-) American photographer & writer
• Speech devoted to truth should be straightforward and plain — Lucius Annaeus Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC–65 AD) Roman Stoic philosopher
• Divine principles and values are straightforward and clear; they are beautiful, profound, and powerful; and they can definitely help us to avoid future regrets. — Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf (1940-) German aviator & religious leader

Symbol: a straight line