Definitions: (1) making great efforts to do one’s best; trying very hard; (2) taking productive steps toward a valuable goal; (3) struggling vigorously <as in opposition or resistance> <striving for justice>>; (4) motivated to reach the highest point: acme, apotheosis, zenith

Quote: Living [is] struggling to do something impossible – to succeed, or die, knowing you had tried! — Anne McCaffrey (1926-) Dragonflight {1968}

Comment: When we suffer and strive, we tend to focus on a narrow, subjective sense of reality. But if we view our situation as part of something larger, we can anticipate the values we have the opportunity of manifesting. Consider the tree growing on the edge of existence at tree line. The fact it is surviving in a harsh environment creates its magnificence. Our life is just like that tree, we are living through difficulty and continuing to grow.

Advice: When people use the words I, me, or mine, we are usually speaking from our lower selves. But at those times when a person is aligned with his or her higher self, they speak with the voice and identity of the higher self. During that time, we can dictate to the lower self what is of greater value.
     Practice this alignment through meditation. Talk to your higher self, give your will over to your higher self. “It is my will that Your will be done.” Heed the positive feelings, insights, and understandings that are always trying to break though from the higher mind. We will filter and change what we receive to align with our current sense of reality, but as we pay attention to those fragments of pure, clear, accurate thought, our current reality will be transformed for the better.