Definitions: (1) physically fit; substantial; solid; having great muscular brawn; robust; stout; in healthy and sound condition; hale; hearty; (2) morally powerful; having command of character or will; forceful; persuasive; cogent; (3) intellectually authoritative; able to think clearly and to express thoughts dynamically; forthright; passionate; (4) emotionally intense <in degree or quality>; ardent; warm; deeply felt; (5) being a distinctive or distinguished character; (6) possessing a singular competency or ability in a specified subject or field; (7) able to endure beyond normal limits; ; (8) having many resources <i.e., controlling wealth, numbers (of people), or supplies>; (9) exhibiting a potent effect; conspicuously productive

Balancing Qualities: Compassionate, Friendly, Gentle, Helpful
     Note: In the physical realm you can’t just keep your body hard, you have to keep it supple as well. Same on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. You can’t just exemplify those qualities that give you strength. You also need to allow yourself the flexibility necessary to encompass the “softer” side of reality.

• When we were young, we were stronger than death. — Inuit Explorer
• What does not destroy me, makes me strong. — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) German Philosopher

Color: red

Symbols: 1) horns; 2) the tiger; 3) a coiled snake; 4) thighs (Egyptian); 5) dahlias [inner strength]

Fictional Figures: 1) Kwasind is strongest man who ever lived. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) American poet & educator, Hiawatha {1855}; 2) Superman (1932-); 3) Superwoman (1942-)

Mythological Figures: 1) Sampson; 2) Hercules; 3) Atlas, who holds up the world