Definitions: (1) upholding another by aid, encouragement, or countenance <especially if in need>; (2) characterizes one who keeps another from fainting, falling, failing, or declining; (3) encouraging the spirits of another person; (4) helpful emotionally, financially, morally, etc.

Synonyms: assisting, forwarding, furthering, seconding

• It’s easier in some ways being on the life raft and the other guys in the boat; and you can row alongside and be supportive. ― Kyra Minturn Sedgwick (1965-) American actress, producer, & director
• The problem with certainty is that sometimes it can sound cold and heartless, although it is the most compassionate and supportive answer. ― Yehuda Berg (1972-) American author

Advice: Instead of getting mad at yourself or someone else for mistakes, you can get over the disappointment quickly by putting as much support into the situation as you can.

Symbols: 1) the staff; 2) the crutch; 3) the throne