Definitions: (1) possessing a specific faculty, natural gift, or extraordinary endowment; (2) skilled in some field; showing great capacity; (3) exhibiting eminent abilities in art; (4) having superior genius in science

Derivation: Greek, referring to a balance or scale, also a weighed amount of precious metal

Compatible Quality: creative

Quotes: If you’ve got a talent, sometimes you’ve got to take that talent to where it is appreciated. — John Raitt (1917-2005) American Singer, to his daughter, Bonnie, when she asked why he wasn’t home so much.

Well done, good and faithful steward; you have been faithful over a few essentials, and I will now set you over many; enter you into the joy of your lord. — The Bible, Matthew 25:21

Comment: A talent may be innate, inherited, or acquired but it can always be enhanced.

Symbol: narcissus flowers