Definitions: (1) possessing a specific faculty, natural gift, or extraordinary endowment; (2) skilled in some field; showing great capacity; (3) exhibiting eminent abilities in art; (4) having superior genius in science; (5) brilliant in more than one field; multi-talented

Derivation: Greek, referring to a balance or scale, also a weighed amount of precious metal

Compatible Quality: creative

Parable: There was a certain great man who called all his trusted servants before him and delivered into their hands all his goods. To one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, according to their several abilities … — Jesus of Nazareth (7 BC-30 AD) Jewish theologian

Quotes: If you’ve got a talent, sometimes you’ve got to take that talent to where it is appreciated. — John Emmet Raitt (1917-2005) American singer, to his daughter, Bonnie, when she asked why he wasn’t home so much.

Comment: A talent may be innate, inherited, or acquired but it can always be enhanced.

Consideration: The one talent we all have been entrusted with is time. Its base use is taking care of physical needs. Beyond a above that, it should be devoted to the development and ennoblement of mind and spirit.

Symbol: narcissus flowers