Definitions: (1) the power of reasoning and conceiving ideas; imaginative; (2) the ability of a person to form mental images; envision, (3) given to pondering a suggestion; cogitation; (4) focusing on something in order to arrive at a conclusion using logic, judgment, and inference

See also: Conscious, Thoughtful

Synonyms: deliberating, fancying, realizing, reflecting, speculating

Quotes: I am, therefore I think. — Dr. Chris Halvorson (1960 -) American Theoretical Physicist

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. — Peace Pilgrim [born Mildred Lisette Norman] (1908-1981) Steps Toward Inner Peace

Then only are we thinking when the subject on which we are thinking cannot be thought out. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) German Artist


  • Thinking people apply their knowledge to new situations unrelated to the original situation.
  • To move from a single good idea to its completion surround it with compatible ideas, and umbrella it with good ideals.
  • Complexity results from keeping ideas in your head. Create systems to help you express your thoughts. Holding ideas takes energy – write them down.

Types of Thinking


Strategic         Personality               Disciplinary                   Overall            Miscellaneous

                        Related                                                          Quality


Additive          Aggressive            Anthropological                Brilliant           Aesthetic

Analytic           Extroverted          Financial                             Clear              Constructive

Applied           Introverted           Historical                            Deep              Creative

Backward        Kinky                    Humanistic                         Keen                Efficient

Broad              Optimistic            Legal                                  Mercurial         Expressive

Converging                                 Market-oriented                 Methodical      Innovative

Critical                                        Mathematical                      Quick               Insightful

Decisive                                      Medical                               Right               Instinctive

Deductive                                   Product-oriented                Powerful          Literal

Diverging                                    Scientific                             Productive      Practical

Eliminative                                  Sociological                                                Precise

Focused                                      Technological                                              Random

Forward                                      Verbal                                                          Visual

Imaginative                                                                                                     Wishful













Advice: A teacher must know the level of each student in order to challenge each with those things just outside his or her current level of understanding. But it is the responsibility of the student to commit themselves to strive for that understanding. If the challenge motivates them, they will give it some thought.

Color: sky blue

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