Definitions: (1) The original absolute thought of the Universal Father; (2) The personal thoughts of God; (3) The final will

Comment: All Divine thoughts, being perfect, are instantly (in infinity) or eventually (during the finite) manifest. He is the originator of purpose and His actions are full of reason.

Definitions: (1) Full of thought; mindful; (2) Actions resulting from thought, i.e., decisiveness and creativity; (3) The opener of eyes; intelligible; (4) Able to keep track of all thought; reflective; (5) Characterized by careful thought; deliberative then deliberate; (6) The conceiver of new ideas; imaginative; (7) The ability to turn ideals into ideas and ideas into ideals; (8) Able to fit different thoughts together; elastic; supple

Comment: Our mind is hard wired with the ability to know right from wrong and fact from fiction. But we can also evaluate the future based on the experiences of the past. We can look before we leap. We can determine the value of something and then decide if and when to pursue it. We can evaluate good, better, and best.

Definitions: (1)
The inventor of respect; considerate; (2) Heedful; careful; (3) Concerned for the well-being of His sons and daughters; attentive; (4) Willing to do everything to fulfill the needs of His family

Comment: The thoughts of God are so magnificent and so immense as to be beyond our ability to grasp completely. But He kindly makes it possible for us to comprehend His will in finite pieces.

Definitions: (1) Worthy of being thought about with intense interest; engrossing; (2) Worthy of active study; theology; (3) Worthy of being meditated upon; worthy of devoted reflection; (4) Worthy of being aware of and of being pondered; (6) Worthy of being a beacon of hope and longing

Admonition: We learn humility in many ways, but one of the most profitable is thoughtful contemplation of the Divine.

Human Definitions: (1) showing respect for others; considerate; courteous; (2) aware of other views and sensibilities; heedful; mindful; attentive; (3) characterized by or manifesting careful deliberation; contemplative; cognitive; (4) actions resulting from thought; decisiveness; creativity; (5) possessing the power of reasoning; reflective imagination; (6) able to fit different concepts together; elastic; supple; (7) competent in turning ideas into ideals and ideals into ideas; (8) occupied with or given to religious reflection; meditative
     See also: Thinking

Balancing Qualities: Creative, Curious, Flexible, Open, Persistent

• The soul is dyed with the color of its thoughts. — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (121-180) Roman Emperor and Philosopher
• Govern your thoughts as if your future depends on them, because it does. — Debra Saint Claire (1952-) Master Herbalist

Reflection: Others deserve your special attention because they are valuable. If you realize their worth, you will wish to be good to them – thoughtful, considerate, and courteous.

• Positive thoughts expand. Negative thoughts contract.
• In order to be thoughtful, you have to know (or gamble on knowing) what the other person desires, needs, or wants. There are subtle signs, but one way that is pretty definite: Ask.