Definitions: (1) easily taught; malleable; (2) allowing oneself to be managed; compliant; docile; (3) autodidactic <self taught>

Quote: To ask what qualities distinguish good from routine scientific research is to address a question that should be of central concern to every scientist. We can make the question more tractable by rephrasing it, “What attributes are shared by the scientific works which have contributed importantly to our understanding of the physical world—in this case the world of living things?” [There are] different frames of reference. — George Adelbert “Bart” Bartholomew (1919–2006) American biologist

• It is a pleasure for a teacher to see a student striving to learn. Those students (gifted or not) who apply themselves are the most satisfying.
• It is a great joy for managers to have on their team people who are professional – people who are willing to cooperate within the team as well as take initiative on their own.
• In our culture we have a funny mix. We value both independence as well as strict adherence to social convention. Sometimes it is wise to keep your mouth shut, other times to ask questions, and occasionally express that new idea.