Divine Definitions: (1) God is the dependable custodian of reality; (2) The assurance of tranquility; reliable; (3) The one who puts minds at ease; certainty; (4) The one who makes failure impossible; (5) The one who shelters souls; security; (6) The one who frees us from anxiety and doubt; safety; (7) Worthy to give confidence to; (8) Forthright in dealing with His children; matter-of-fact; straightforward; (9) Receptive to prayers

Comment: A relationship based upon personal devotion (having the best interest of the other in mind) with a human partner or The Divine Parent, can only be had if it is founded on trust. His trustworthiness is undeniable.

Human Definitions: (1) worthy of confidence; dependable; (2) able to puts minds at ease; reliable; (3) forthright and multifaceted in difficult matters; straightforward

Comment: There are some things so continuously trustworthy we end up forgetting they exist or expecting them to always be there. Some that come to mind: gravity, God, beliefs, parents, job.
     Consistent qualities are growth, choice, change, and love.