Divine Definitions: (1) Reality without prior source; self-existent; (2) The primal being in existence before the beginning; not created; (3) Self-caused reality; the initiator; (4) Never beginning but lasting forever; self-perpetuated; (5) The genesis of reality; self-generative; (6) The first cause producing original (and consequently all subsequent) effects

Quote: The concept of the I AM is a philosophic concession which we make to the time-bound, space-fettered, finite mind of man, to the impossibility of creature comprehension of eternity existences—nonbeginning, nonending realities and relationships. To the time-space creature, all things must have a beginning save only the ONE UNCAUSED—the primeval cause of causes. (0:3,23) — The Urantia Book {1995}

Comment: There is great value in pondering the unponderable when it has to do with God because something is always revealed, some new insight is realized. The deepest mysteries remain hidden but the act of seeking is the key to discovery. Since what is to be discovered is limitless and because the source is extravagantly generous, the revelation of some piece of the puzzle is always forthcoming.

Human Definitions: (1) first in order; preceding all others; the beginning; (2) arising or proceeding independently; inventive; novel; (3) thinking or acting in an individual or creative manner

• A mind that’s afraid to toy with the ridiculous will never come up with the brilliantly original.— Glen David Brin (1950 -) Brightness Reef {1995}
• The story of man’s ascent from seaweed to the lordship of earthly creation is indeed a romance of biologic struggle and mind survival. Man’s primordial ancestors were literally the slime and ooze of the ocean bed in the sluggish and warm-water bays and lagoons of the vast shore lines of the ancient inland seas. (65:2.1) — The Urantia Book {1955}