Divine Definitions: (1) Worthy of profound respect; noteworthy; (2) Worthy of worship or adoration; (3) Worthy of praise; laudable; (4) Worthy of appreciation; thankworthy; (5) Worthy of being enshrined; sacred; (6) Worthy of devotion; hallowed; (7) Worthy of reverence; blessed; (8) Deserving of deference; exalted; (9) Of the most holy stature; sacrosanct

Comment: Genuine supreme spiritual experience is beyond emotion, tradition, or philosophy. Once we know God, even to the small extent possible for humans, we realize He is worthy of worship by all intelligent beings.

Human Definitions: (1) worthy of honor or respect because of meritorious distinction; noteworthy; (2) deserving of deference; exalted; (3) worthy of admiration or reverence because of recognized goodness <often mingled with a degree of awe>; (4) worthy of praise; laudable

Is the babe young? When I behold it, it seems more venerable than the oldest man. — Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) American Author
• Religion is among the most beautiful and most natural of all things – that religion which ‘sees God in clouds and hears Him in the wind,’ which endows every object of sense with a living soul, which finds in the system of nature whatever is holy, mysterious, and venerable, and inspires the bosom with sentiments of awe and veneration. — William Godwin (1756–1836) English philosopher & novelist

Symbol: an older person