Definitions: (1) inclined or favorably disposed to act; ready; prompt to respond; (2) done, given, borne, or used with cheerful readiness <a willing volunteer>

Saying: Energy flows on intention.

Lead me Zeus, and you too Destiny
To wherever your decrees have assigned me
I follow readily, but if I choose not,
Wretched though I am, I must follow still.
Fate guides the willing, but drags the unwilling.
— Cleanthes (c. 330–230 BC) Greek philosopher

• I will continue to make headway.
• I will bear up under the strain.
• I will clean up my own messes.
• I will double down on what I know is right.
• I will lay up my treasure in heaven.

I will allow my will to be God’s Will.
I will align my will with God’s will.
I will that my will be God’s will.
God is willing His Will to be my will.
God is willing. I am willing.

• Be willing to hear what another is saying. Are you secure enough to be open to change your behavior to conform to another’s insights?
• Be willing to consciously surrender yourself to the guidance of your guardian angel and your inner Spirit. Give them permission to adjust your mind and soul to the pre-approved settings you are hoping to attain. You are still in control.