Definitions: (1) Encompassing the entirety of discernment; Perfect judgment; capable; (2) The embodiment of truth; aware of all of the real facts and true circumstances; (3) The embodiment of beauty; the integration of reality; (4) The embodiment of goodness; knowing what is proper; prudent; discriminative; (5) Enlightened; incorruptible; (6) Having the wisest possible perspective; being able to see all reality at once; profound; (7) Proposing the practical application of His pragmatic plan; sagacious; (8) The most sensible adaptation of omniscience; possessing supreme common sense

Consideration: All that we perceive as separate is being coordinated in perfect symmetry because God’s wisdom is absolute and motivated solely by supreme love. All choices taken by The All-wise Creator will be the best course of action for all persons for all time. Nothing is out of place. He experiences no regrets. He makes no mistakes.

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