Definitions: (1) expressing adoration, veneration, or homage to a divine person; showing sincere devotion; (2) giving respect or honor due to a lofty character; (3) feeling intense love and admiration for a loved one

Familial Quality: liturgical

Saying: Worship leads to service. Service leads to worship.

Quote: Worship, taught Jesus, makes one increasingly like the Being who is worshiped. (146:2.17) — The Urantia Book {1955}

Reflection: Remember having been, almost literally, grabbed by something of extreme interest? Remember being struck with the beauty of a flower, a butterfly, a bird? Nature can hold our fascination for moments or for a lifetime. Remember those long philosophical discussions that were so exciting you stayed up all night? Remember that hug from a child so innocent and giving you were surrounded with love? This state of appreciation and self-forgetfulness can be triggered by exquisite beauty, sublime truth, or heartwarming goodness.
     During these times, you are totally absorbed. You give yourself over to your appreciation. It may be an involuntary act, but you like it so much you would not describe it as a loss of will.

Observation: During worship the ego disappears; there is a sublime self-forgetfulness. There are a certain set of qualities putting you in this remarkable state. They are reverence, playfulness, humor, service, thoughtfulness. But love is primary. Love evaporates negativity and sustained love obliterates it. In this state a few things are notably absent. You no longer are experiencing fear, doubt, or worry, and your prideful ego is left behind – you are not even aware they have gone.

• Worship illuminates destiny. Yet that is not its primary goal; it works because you are not only sending love but are open to receiving love.
• Worship would make no sense at all without a personal Ultimate Being. We talk about worshiping a thing, but that is just desire to possess. True worship is pure unselfish love.
• If you are not propelled into worship by an experience of truth, beauty, or goodness, you can generate this state of bliss by your own simple faith. Take the time to focus your attention with all your heart on Someone wonderful.