Arcbishop of Mumbai: “The Word of God, fulcrum of our mission”When it is said that the West is losing sight of Christ, in Mumbai our Bible classes are well attended. The Gospel is full of values and for our Indian people, the big crisis now in India is a question of values; we seem to …

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Mormons and MuslimsThe battle between my Muslim upbringing and my male hormones was resolved by Lisa’s Mormon values. One evening, when Lisa and I were sitting close to each other in my basement, she sighed and said she had to do something. She took out a piece of paper and a pencil and drew a …

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Focus on shared values, rabbi tells interfaith dinner“The secret of the chaplain corps was not talking about theology first, not talking about the hardest issues first. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and talked about shared concerns [first] – [soldiers] in pain, those in fear, those suffering from doubt or loneliness,” Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff told …

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How Faith and Community Dominate Foreign PolicyTwo weeks ago, the French president-elect admitted he is a “practicing Christian” and was strongly criticized for breaching the post-revolution consensus on the laicization of the state. Last month Boris Yeltsin became the first Russian head of state to be buried with Russian Orthodox rights in 133 years. The …

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Romney’s Mormon QuestionWhat does the Constitution mean when it says there should be no religion test for office?time.com

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