Lessons from Raccoon Mountain

Ever try throttling back a nuclear power plant? Yeah right! Failing that, what would you do with the excess capacity? Engineers with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) faced these same challenges in the late 1960s. Their solution was to build TVA’s largest hydroelectric facility on the top of a mountain. What??? No really, the top …

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I Peeked at the End

The following will take you to the last seven minutes of the current Framing 2020 podcast. It’s a treatment on the difference between authentic and inauthentic corporations. https://overcast.fm/+WQEJojsRo/1:30:41

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Heated Raised Beds

What if the excess heat produced for a greenhouse was used to heat the soil that’s in the surrounding area? Raised beds could have transparent caps that protect the early plantings from a late frost. I love the way the raised beds in this image have contours.

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Falling Leaves – A Parable

This is a parable about prayer. It is based upon the 1912 movie Falling Leaves.

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Teen Bitcoin Millionaire

Teen crypto star Erik Finman is famous for his investment in Bitcoin back in 2011. At the age of twelve — at $12 a coin, the high schooler’s $1,000 gift from his grandmother earned over $4 million during the cryptocurrency’s 2017 all-time price highs. Finman sealed further fame by winning a bet with his parents. …

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