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The Value of Experience

The Experience Bank is a senior management consultancy with a unique perspective. We promote organizational transformations through individual change. Our specialty is in developing strategies for managing disparate elements as one coherent resource. Our team is composed of seasoned veterans that developed and nurtured some of the convergent methodologies and technologies we enjoy today. The Experience Bank is also an information bank committed to insuring that what’s yours remains yours. And this is achieved in the context of controlled visibility. No business or nation can long survive when technology transfer outpaces innovation. Whether you’re outsourcing or service provisioning, we can help you to develop experience-conditioned resources that augment, rather than diminish, your value proposition.

If you would like greater control, Experience Bank can help.

Banking versus Warehousing

The harvest of intellectual capital involves transforming piecemeal information into strategic intelligence. Implicit to modern banking is the cross-market capacity to leverage learning in the interest of efficiency and competiveness. It responds to a range of requirements and complex interactions inherent to the banking of such diverse commodities as nucleac acid, media assets, electronic data or money. It honors demand deposits, and the instruments drawn on them, while paying dividends. Convergent media and the demands of a global economy have accelerated the evolution of the banking concept.

In contrast, there is a stasis, reminiscent of yesterday’s metaphor and inherent to the data warehousing model, with a form of “shelving.” It is storage without the interest. It has come to represent infrequently accessed records and seldom levereaged assets. Where the warehouse often represents a storage model for depreciating things, meanings and values; the bank is a robust transaction model for assets that are appreciating and paying regular dividends.

Schemas and Dynamics

As the concepts of banking and currency continue to evolve and come to embrace all forms of capital, so do the schemas and the dynamics. Our SchemaDynamics were specifically developed to foster the agility, resiliency and scalability required to meet the challenges of the third milleneum.

Any organization expecting to ascend through the global marketplace, on its true merits, must effectively manage its material resources and all relevant human factors so that it produces lift. By this analogy, the flow of air, cash or customer goodwill over a finely crafted wing produces a differential force and a predictable rate of climb.

Strobes and Vectors (Beyond Encryption)

Protecting your sensitive information during transmission over any network involves a complex set of variables. Authentication insures that only authorized persons have access. Encryption provides protection through a sophisticated coding scheme. While secure and obscure lines prevent unauthorized monitoring of the data stream.

What if authentication, encryption and line compromises didn’t matter?

VectorStrobe technology, unique to the ExperienceBank, augments these techniques with additional layers of security. Most of these are independant of, and indifferent to, the network. In brief, it is synchronous flash localization to a virtual one-time pad with certain phantom components thrown in. Beyond that, we have nothing more to say.

Our Focus

  • Information Strategies
  • Curriculum Development
  • Resource Development
  • Process Migration
  • Ethics & Governance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Considerations
  • Independent Audits
  • Client Services
  • Skills Training

Signed Non-Disclosures may be required depending upon the information you seek. We reserve the right to conduct due-diligence before providing any information beyond what is included here.

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