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AEVIA — Appreciation for the Enduring Value of Individual Advancement

The Aevia Precepts

The term Aevia is a Latin derivative of the word Alleluia. It is used in choral music encouraging us to “sing this passage praise-fully.” The Aevia Group is motivated by the actions and words of our Beloved Sovereign, for He gave us a focus on true benevolence through the command: “Love one another as I have loved you.” Jesus thereby set the highest standard for human behavior — the gold standard of the Golden Rule. Individuals working within our organizations look to these words and the example of our Mission Commander for their purpose, ministry directives, and mission statements.

Aevia is not a science, although we engage in the methodical and rational disclosure of facts. We also strive to produce a cooperative culture by promoting the practical benefits of science. Aevia is not a philosophy, yet we encourage an intellectual curiosity within the realm of philosophy and are appropriately impressed by the search for profound meaning. Nor is it a religion, even though we encourage a more spiritual religious experience by looking to the One for inspiration of the many. We preserve and harmonize the finest of traditional values with those qualities serving to inform and elevate a cooperative, civil, and open-minded dialog.

God loves His children — all of them. Aevia is an expression of gratitude for that which we as individuals, have humbly received from Our Loving Father — the freely bestowed favors of grace.

Where the term Aevia denotes overtures of Divine friendship and encourages us to give thanks; the acronym AEVIA helps us to cultivate a greater Appreciation for the Enduring Value of Individual Advancement. The Aevia service organizations operate as a love-fueled benevolence engine; built to enhance the human condition. The Aevia Group works to nourish the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. It operates within the mosaic of the age; ever responsive to significant social, economic, and cultural changes as they unfold over time. It is within this context that we promote social progress with an emphasis on individual growth.

This engine of benevolence drives a creatives factory designed for dynamic collaboration. Through coherent planning and in accordance with the high mission of art, we incentivize and motivate those within our sphere of influence to the realization of a better life. As we develop higher education at Ascension University, we foster an understanding and appreciation for people of diverse backgrounds among individuals, families, groups, schools, communities, nations, and entire races. We will always be tireless advocates for the basic institutions of human civilization: the family and the home.

Our associates dedicate their time, talent, and treasure to facilitate the ascension of human kind. We address critical developmental needs such as practical striving, sustenance, and shelter. We labor to produce a more profitable utilization of human leisure while underscoring the values of play, humor, and rest. We actively cooperate with other benevolent organizations for the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. We contribute to industrial development and work to augment prosperity. We build excitement as we help meet the needs of personal growth, human dignity, social equity, and fraternal obligations.

Enthusiasm (en Theos – God within) is at the very heart of our mission. We operate as a collaboration of writers, researchers, actors, producers, students, and teachers that truly values each person’s unique contribution. Our work supports altruistic service, favors a love of learning, and cultivates mutual respect. We are vested in the proposition that all people deserve a chance to learn and grow; to better understand the world and each other; to think, dream and discover; to recognize God’s unfolding themes of coordinated movement; to reach their highest potential; and to be empowered as emissaries of social uplift.

The things, meanings, and values that are the building material for a reality centered service alliance rest upon a rock-solid foundation formed by the Sovereignty of God as expressed through the free will of humankind.

The people of Aevia are committed to the original Gospel of Jesus and the obligations of authentic community. We trust in the spiritual ministry promised by Our Sovereign and believe the Spirit of Truth will guide us into all Truth. We know that when we become ever more responsive to the Divine Leading, we are actively cooperating with the Divine Will. God favorably associates circumstances and positively influences spheres of human activity in ways to insure “all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” The Aevia Group participates with this Divine Coincidence to nurture a culture cognizant of Divine Providence; one that includes a science, a religion, a philosophy, and a cosmology truly commensurate with humanity’s spiritual, intellectual, and practical development. Today, Aevia is a soft pre-echo of a distant melody; and yet it is building to herald a new era on earth when each may experience the full and abundant life that is divinely orchestrated.

© 2014 The Aevia Charitable Trust — Robert H. Kalk Lead Trustee

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